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Saving the Dead Sea Part Two إنقاذ البحر الميت Posted by on Nov 24, 2021

In last week’s post, we talked about the Dead Sea البحر الميت and began a clip that explains the reasons why البحر الميت is sadly receding تنحسر. In this second part of the clip, we learn about The Bahrain Canal project مشروع قناة البحرين to link البحر الميت to البحر الأحمر as a way to…

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Saving the Dead Sea إنقاذ البحر الميت Posted by on Nov 17, 2021

I just spent a month back home in Amman, Jordan الأردن to visit family and had a wonderful time. It was during October when the weather is moderate معتدل and going to places like the Dead Sea البحر الميت where it gets extremely hot ًحار جدا during the summer, is very enjoyable ممتع جدا. Here…

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Helping homeless cats during the pandemic Posted by on Apr 6, 2021

We all probably heard of cat cafes مقاهي القطط before, but not many of us heard of a café for homeless cats مقهى للقطط المشرّدة! Yes, there is one! In Sweden J Unlike in other countries, the café stayed open المقهى ظل مفتوحًا during the pandemic خلال الجائحة  and the demand الطلب  is higher أعلى…

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