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Backgammon Part Two لعبة الطاولة Posted by on Jan 26, 2022

ًWelcome back to part two on how to play Backgammon لعبة الطاولة. How common is لعبة الطاولة?  Well, I grew up watching my dad and “Jido” جدو (grandpa) playing طاولة while drinking tea in the living room. My aunt عمتي then taught me how to play and I’ve been hooked ever since. هل لعبة الطاولة…

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Backgammon Part One لعبة الطاولة Posted by on Jan 19, 2022

Have you played Backgammon لعبة الطاولة before? If not, in this post, we’ll learn a bit about it’s background history and how to play the game as we pick up some new Arabic vocabulary words. 😉 Backgammon in Arabic is called طاولة meaning “table” or طاولة الزهر since زهر in Arabic means “dice”. ✨Here are…

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