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Domestic tourism in Covid-19 times السياحة الداخلية (2) Posted by on Sep 27, 2021 in Arabic Language, comprehension, CoronaVirus, Holidays, News, summer, Travel & Geography, Vocabulary

Welcome to the 2nd part of this blog post مرحبًا بكم في الجزء الثاني من هذه المدونة. Last week, we started talking about domestic/ local tourism السِّيَاحَة الدَّاخِلِيَّة that has been quite popular lately because of the pandemic. We started focusing on article from BBC Arabic that focuses on the tourism situation within the UK. In the 1st part of the blog, we started studying some of the keywords related to tourism and provided you with 2 exercises to work with. This week, we’re going to study more keywords and provide the correct answers to last week’s exercises.

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To access the article , you can click here or on this tweet below.

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Text Comprehension (Translation)

We’ll start with an English translation of the text we looked at last week. The keywords in (List A) are bolded to help you understand them in context.


“British photographer David Harz visited the coastal region of Binton in the south of the United Kingdom, last summer. There, he chatted with a man who takes his parrots on a trip on his wheelchair, to entertain/cheer them (up). That inspired him to return this summer to what’s known as the English Riviera, and in these photos, some of what he saw.

I had an inner feeling that the area would be lush and rich in pictures, with more visitors than usual.

The vacationers were happy, welcoming the camera, and posing and letting me take photos without problems.

Some of them came from the Midlands region, choosing this region instead of going to Spain this year. And most of them used cars to come. They also overcame the weather and came to entertain themselves on the beach.

The sun was sometimes shining, and people took advantage of that to swim and eat fried fish and chips, while the seagulls were watching them, searching for droppings”.

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Key words (List B):

Let’s now move to the second part (rest) of the article. Below are the most prominent words that are featured and that is related to theme of (loca) tourism.


Cruise ships سُفُنِ الرَّحَلَات

The ferryالعَبَّارَة  – Ferries عَبَّارَات

The sea البَحْر

Destination وِجْهَة

Vacation/ holiday عُطْلَة/ إِجَازَة

Inflatable boat مَرْكَبُ هَوَاء/ قَابِلٌ لِلنَّفْخ

Sands رِمَال

Shore السَّاحِل

Fishing اصْطِيَاد/ يَصْطَادُ السَّمَك

Water skiing التَّزَلُّجُ عَلَى المَاء

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*Exercise 1 – Correct Answers

من الميدلاندز – أي وسط إنجلترا

From the Midlands, i.e. the middle of England.



The car.


تناول السمك المقلي مع البطاطس

Eating fried fish with potatoes ‘Fish and chips’.


طائر النورس

The seagull.







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*Exercise 2 – Correct Answers

True  صح or أم  false خطأ >>


:ذهب المصور دافيد إلى منطقة بايتون قبل عامين


خطأ، ذهب العام الماضي

False, he went last year.


:تقع المنطقة التي زارها شمال إنجلترا


خطأ، تقع جنوب المملكة المتحدة

False, it’s located in the South of England.


:كان يتوقع المصوّر أن يجد سياحًا أكثر هذا العام





:لم يكن الزوار يريدون أن يلتقط المصور صورًا لهم


خطأ، كان الزوار يرحبون بالكاميرا

False, the visitors were ‘joyfully’ welcoming the camera.

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