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Fisal’s Dictionary : جمع Posted by on May 13, 2011 in Arabic Language, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

        Today, we are going to go on a journey to the depths of the Arabic Dictionary to discover some of its secrets. We will look up the root verb جمع and explore some of its derivatives.

* جَمَعَ    [V. T.] = to collect / to unite / to pile up / to add;

                   e.g..جمع الفلاح البرتقال   = The farmer collected / piled up the oranges.  

                            –   جمع الله القلوب  = Allah united the hearts.

                           –  جمع الطالب الأعداد   = The student added the numbers.

جَمْعُ  [N. C.] = (1) crowd of people; pl. جُمُوع  

                             (2) The act of adding or collecting or piling

* يومُ الجَمع  [N.] = doomsday / judgment day  

مَجمُوع   [N. C.] = total; pl. مَجَامِيع  

مَجمُوعَة  [N. C.] = a group; pl. مَجمُوعَات

جَمَاعَة  [N. C.] = a big number or a group of people; pl. جَمَاعَات  

جَامِع  [N. C.]  = (1) mosque; pl. جَوامِع

                                (2) a person who collects / collector; pl. جامعون / جامعين  

جَامِعَة  [N. C.] = university; pl. جامعات  

جَمعية   [N. C.] = committee / association / organization; pl. جمعيات  

* جَمَّعَ    [V. T.]  = to collect or gather together;

                           e.g. – جَمَّعَ الآذان الناسَ للصلاة = The call gathered the people for prayer.  

أَجْمَعَ    [ph.v. + على ] =  to agree on doing something;

                                  e.g. – أجمعَ القوم على الإضراب = The people agreed on the strike.

                                    = (2) to be determined to do something;

                                   e.g. – أجمعَ محمد على السفر = He was determined to travel.

إِجْمَاعٌ  [N. U.] = (whole) agreement on something;

                        e.g. – هناك إجماعٌ على موعد الانتخابات = There is an agreement on the elections date.

جَمِيع  [N.] = All / the whole ( Confirmation noun);

                                e.g. جميع الطلاب حضروا  = All the students attended.  

                                   –  عملتُ الواجبَ جميعَهُ = I did all the homework.   

أجمَعْ  [N./ M.] = whole / all (It is a noun of confirmation) The plural is أجمعون / أجمعين ;

                                            e.g.  –  العالمُ أجمعْ = The whole world.

                                                – أخذتُ حقي أجمع  = I got all my share.

                                             –  جاء الضيوف أجمعون = All the guests came.

جَمْعَاء  [N. F.] = whole / all ( it is a noun of confirmation);

                                     e.g.- المدرسة جَمعاء = The whole school.

*  اِجْـتـَمَعَ   [V. I.] = to gather together / to have a meeting;

                            e.g. – اجتمع القوم بعد الحريق  = The people gathered together after the fire.

                                   – اجتمع المدير بالموظفين = The manager had a meeting with the employees.

*  اِجْتِمَاع   [N. C.] = gathering / meeting;  pl. اجتماعات  

الاجتماع  [N. U.] = social science = علم الاجتماع  

مُجْتَمَع   [N.C.] = society / community; pl. مجتمعات  

                              e.g. – يخدم العلماءُ المجتمعَ = Scientists serve the society.      

تَجَمَّعَ   [V. I.] = to gather / or / come from different directions;

                                   e.g. تَجَمَّعَ الماء  = water gathered.


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