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Fisal’s Dictionary: حبَّ Posted by on Jul 5, 2011 in Arabic Language, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

       Today, we are going to go on a journey to the depths of the Arabic Dictionary to discover some of its secrets. We will look up the root verb حبَّ   and explore some of its derivatives.

* حبَّ      [V. I. T.]= to fall in love or to love someone,

                                  e.g. – Ali fell in love.  حبَّ علىٌ / وقع علىٌّ في الحبِّ    

                                         – Ali loved the girl.  حبَّ علىٌّ الفتاةَ  


*  أحبَّ     = (1) [V. T.] to love someone or something or fall in love with someone.

                                   e.g. – أحبَّ علىٌّ الفتاةَ     = Ali loved the girl.

                                         أحبَّ الأولادُ الفيلمَ      = The boys loved the movie.  

                  (2) [V. I.] to produce grains or seeds.

                                   e.g. – أحبَّ الزرعُ    = The plants produced grains.


*  الحُبُّ     [N. U.] = love; e.g. – الحُبُّ شيءٌ جميلٌ   = Love is a beautiful thing.


* الحَبُّ / الحُبوب      [N. C.] = grains or seeds; sing. حـَـبَّـة   = a grain.


 مُحبٌ    [N. C.] = (male) lover, pl. مُحبّون / مُحبّين   = (male) lovers.


* مُحبّةٌ     [N. C.] = (female) lover, pl. مُحبّاتٌ  = (female) lovers.


* المَحبَّةُ   [N. U.] = love; e.g. يعيش المصريون معاً في محبّةٍ = Egyptians live together in love.

*  حَبيبٌ  [N. C.] = (male) beloved person, pl. أحباءٌ / أحبةٌ = the beloved ones.


 حَبيبة   [N. C.] =  (female) beloved person, pl. حبيبات / حبائِب = the beloved ones.

*  مَحبوبٌ   [Adj.] = (male) beloved, pl. مَحبوبون / مَحبوبين = (be)loved.


* مَحبوبةٌ  [Adj.] =  (female) beloved, pl. محبوبات = (be)loved.


* حبَّبَ    = (1) [V. T.] + prep. (to إلى ): to make someone love someone or something.

                              e.g. – و لكن اللهَ حبَّبَ إليكم الإيمانَ = But Allah made you love faith.

                  (2) [V. I.] to produce grains or seeds that appear after a plant grows for a while.

                              e.g. – حبَّبَ الأرزُ = The rice produced grains.


* تحبَّبَ     [Phrasal. V.] + prep. (to إلى ) = to show love towards someone.

                              e.g. – تحبَّبَ الولدُ إلى الفتاةِ = The boy showed love to the girl.


*  استحبَّ  [V. T.] = to prefer something or like it more.

                               e.g. – استحبّوا هذا الشاطئ  = The preferred this beach.


   مُستحَبٌ / مُحبَّبٌ  [Adj.] = favorable or desirable;

                               e.g. – هذا شيءٌ مُستحبٌ / مُحببٌ  = This a desirable / favorable thing.

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