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Fisal’s Dictionary: صَدَقَ Posted by on Aug 24, 2011 in Arabic Language, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

       Today, we are going to go on a journey to the depths of the Arabic Dictionary to discover some of its secrets. We will look up the root verb صدق   and explore some of its derivatives.

* صَدَقَ    [V.I. T.] = to tell the truth.  

                                  e.g. – Ali told the truth. صَدَقَ علىٌ (في الحديث / في كلامه  

                                        – Ali told me the truth. صَدَقـََنِي علىٌ القولَ

صَدَقَ النصيحةَ  = To give someone a true and sincere advice.

                                  e.g. – Ali gave me a sincere advice. صدقني علىٌ النصيحة

*  صَدَقَ الوعدَ   = to keep one’s promise

                                  e.g. – Ali kept his promise to me. صَدَقني علىٌ الوعدَ  

* صَدوق / صَادِق   [N. C. /Adj.] = A person who always tells the truth = truthful = straightforward.

                                   e.g. – Ali is a straightforward person. علىٌ شخصٌ صَادقٌ / صَدوقٌ   

صَادِقون / صَادِقين / صَادِقات  = plural of صادق  .

*  الصِّدْقُ  [N. U.] = telling the truth.

* رجُلُ صِدقٍ   = a truthful man.

* امرأةُ صِدقٍ  = a truthful woman.

*  أصْدَقَ (المرأةَ   [V.I.] =  to give or name a dowry for a woman before marriage.

*  الصَّداقُ   [N. U.] = dowry given to a woman before marriage.

* صَادَقَ  [V. T.] =  to take a person as a friend = befriend.

                              e.g. – Ali befriended the girl. صَادَقَ علىٌ البنتَ  

 *  الصَّدَاقة  [N. C.] = friendship, pl. صَداقات

صَدِيق  [N. C.] = friend; pl. أصدِقاء.

                             e.g. – I have a lot of friends. لِي أصدقاءٌ كثيرون 

* تَصَادَقَ   [V. I.] = (1)  to be friends.

                              e.g. – The enemies became friends. تَصادَقَ الأعداءُ

         (2) (on something على شيء ) [V. T.] to agree on something a may sign a contract.

                 e.g. – The two leaders agreed to end the war تصادقَ القائدانِ على إنهاءِ الحربِ .     

* صَدَّقَ   [V. T.] = (1) to believe someone or something.

                 e.g. – The teacher believed the boy. صَدَّقَ الأستاذُ الولدَ  

        (2) (on something على شيء ) [V. T.] to agree on something and may sign a contract.

التصديق  [N. U.] = (1) believing that someone is telling the truth.

                   (2) (on something على شيء ) legal signing or agreeing on something.         

*   تـَصَدَّقَ  [V.I.] = to give money or a charity.  

                e.g. – In Ramadan, Muslims give money as charity a lot. يتصدَّقُ المسلمون كثيراَ فى رمضان

الصَّدَقة  [N. C.] = money given to the poor or any act of charity. Pl. صدَقات 

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