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Healthy Verbs: The Mahmouz Verb الفعل المهموز Posted by on May 7, 2011 in Arabic Language, Grammar, Vocabulary

  • We have said before that there are healthy and unhealthy verbs.
  • A Healthy Verb is that verb that doesn’t have any sick letters in its root (base).
  • The sick letters that make the verb sick are و , ا , ى .
  • We talked before about the first type of healthy verbs; the Salim verb.
  • Today, we will look at the second type; The Mahmouz Verb الفعل المهموز


                     A Mahmouz verb is that which has a Hamza in its root (base).

* The Hamza can come: 

            1) At the beginning of the base verb; e.g. أكلَ  ( = ate ).

            2) In the middle of the base verb; e.g. سألَ ( = asked ).

            3) At the end of the base verb; e.g. قرأ ( = read ).

To learn the different tense forms of this category of verbs, let’s study this table:


Past الماضي Present المضارع Imperative الأمر  
  Mahmouz Verbs at the First


To take اخَذَ يأخُذْ خُذ
To eat أكَلَ يأكُلْ  كُلْ 
To order أمَرَ يأمُرْ  مُرْ / أُمُرْ 
To capture أسَرَ يأسِرْ اِسِرْ   
To sin اثِمَ يأثَمْ اِثَمْ
To feel sorry  أسِفَ يأسَفْ اِسَفْ
To feel safe أمـِـنَ يأمَنْ اِمَنْ
To permit أذِنَ   يأذَنْ إذَنْ  
To lie أفِكَ يأفَكْ إفَكْ
Mahmouz Verbs at theSecond  letter To ask سألَ يسألْ سَلْ / اِسألْ
To get used to دَأبَ  يدأبْ  اِدأبْ 
To mercy رأفَ يرأفْ اِرأفْ
To roar زأرَ يزأرْ اِزأرْ
To feel bored سأمَ يسأمْ اِسأمْ
To scream جأرَ   يجأرْ اِجأرْ
To see رأى  يرى رَ / رَهْ
Mamouz Verbs at the Third letter To read قرأ يقرأ اِقرأ
To fill ملأ يملأ اِملأ
To start بدأ يبدأ اِبدأ
To resort لجأ يلجأ اِلجأ

(Note 1: The rules of gender and number we studied earlier apply to these verb tenses.)

(Note 2: Some verbs starting with Hamza when used with “I” , The Hamzah changes to the long Alif with Maddah at the beginning; e.g. أكل >>> آكُلُ = I eat, and أخَذَ >>> آخُذُ = I take.)

(Note 3: The Hamza is dropped in the imperative form of some verbs; e.g. خُذ , كُلْ , سلْ .)


Next time, we will continue looking at Healthy Doubled Verbs.  

Check us back soon

Peace سلام   / Salam/

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  1. JD Elliot:

    Well, you didn’t tell us where the word Mahmouz comes from 🙂

  2. Fisal:

    JD Elliot,
    Hamzah / Mahmouz 🙂 😉