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Nouns: Wrapping Up تلخيص الاسم Posted by on Apr 11, 2011 in Arabic Language, Grammar

  • Today, we are going to wrap up what we have learnt so far about nouns.
  • Definition: A noun is a part of speech that refers to something that can be realized by the mind or by the senses and Time is not part of.
  • In the previous posts, we have looked at nouns from four dimensions:

(A) Noun Gender : We have classified Arabic nouns into:

                                  (1) Masculine  مذكر

                                  (2) Feminine مؤنث : (Feminine Markers and Feminine Types)       

(B) Noun Number : We have learnt that Arabic nouns can be :

                                  (1) Singular مفرد

                                  (2) Dual مثنى : (Adding ان or ين  to the singular)

                                  (3) Plural جمع : There are Three Types of Plural:

                                                   a- The Masculine Regular Plural جمع المذكر السالم

                                                   b- The Feminine Regular Plural جمع المؤنث السالم

                                                   c- The Irregular(Broken) Plural جمع التكسير   

(C) Noun Definiteness : We learnt the Seven Types of Definite Nouns:

                                  (1) The Proper Noun اسم العلم ; (kunyah / Laqab / Name)

                                  (2) Nouns with AL ( الاسم المعرف بـ   (الـ 

                                  (3) Pronouns الضمائر : (Visible and Invisible)

                                  (4) demonstrative Nouns أسماء الإشارة  

                                  (5) Relative Nouns الأسماء الموصولة

                                  (6) Modaaf Nouns in Idaafa الاسم المضاف  

                                  (7) Vocative Nouns after Yaa المنادى

(D) Noun categories : We have learnt that a noun can be;

                                 (1) Maqsoor اسم مقصور  ;(e.g. هدى / سها )

                                 (2) Manqoos اسم منقوص  ; (e.g. قاضى / محامى )

                                 (2) Saheeh (Sound) اسم صحيح ; (e.g. عمر / بيت / صحراء )


(Note 1 : Kindly Refer to older posts on this blog for more details on the above topics)

 (Note 2 : Noun Cases, Markers and Conjugation measures will come later on in more detail)

(Note 3 : Kindly refer to our Youtube Channel for pronunciation videos and more on the Arabic Language and Culture at )


Next time, we will discuss the basic terminology of VERBS

Check us back soon

Peace سلام   / Salam/

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