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This Day in History: The 1967 War (حرب 1967 ) Posted by on Jun 5, 2011

       Every nation’s life is like everyone’s life; it has ups and downs. This day in 1967 was an unlucky day to all Arab countries neighboring Israel. Like today and on 5th June 1967, Israel launched a sudden and violent military attack against Syria, Egypt and Jordan. The war lasted for only six days. That…

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This Day in History: Sykes-Picot Agreement اتفاقية سايكس بيكو Posted by on May 16, 2011

“To give what you don’t own to whom it doesn’t belong; This is how you plant Hatred ..!!”       The Sykes-Picot Agreement, concluded on 16 May 1916, was a secret agreement between the governments of the UK and France with the consent of Imperial Russia. According to the agreement, UK and France defined their regions…

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