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My First Embarrassing Encounter with Arabic Native Speakers at the Airport Posted by on Jul 18, 2013

Marhaba! You cannot imagine how many times I practiced speaking Arabic with my parents in the United States before my first trip to Beirut to meet family and close relatives. Even when I was just a child I made it a point to always speak Arabic with my parents. What kind of Arabic was I…

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How to Drive a Teacher Crazy in an Arabic Conversation! Posted by on Apr 20, 2012

Let’s get this straight: Teachers are not there to be made fun of. In fact, being a teacher is truly a noble profession. The “Prince of Arab Poets“, Ahmed Chawki, is renown for having once said: قُـمْ للمعـــــــلّمِ وَفِّــــــــــهِ التبجيـلا    * * *  كـــــــــادَ المعلّمُ أن يكــــــــونَ رســــــــــولا “Stand Up for Your Teacher to Offer The…

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