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Remember Your Pronouns! Posted by on Jul 29, 2017

Marhaba! In my posts, I always encourage you to learn more vocabulary and better comprehension of the Arabic language through various exercises, songs, and other activities. Today, I want to take you back to the basics! Let’s learn or refresh our memory on some of our pronouns, subject and possessive pronouns. Remember, possessive pronouns in…

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Pronouns الضمائر : Summed Up Posted by on Mar 28, 2011

 Pronouns are definite nouns. They refer to different persons.             ( The First Person المتكلم   /  The Second Person المخاطب   / The Third Person الغائب )  Pronouns refer to nouns or replace them.  Pronoun Types:    Visible   بارز            /         Invisible مستتر   Visible Pronoun:    Separable منفصل     /     Inseparable (suffix) متصل    Separable Pronoun Cases:  Subject مبتدأ / فاعل    /    Object  مفعول   Inseparable Pronoun Cases:  Subject  فاعل  مرفوع     /…

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Definite Nouns : Pronouns (2) الضمائر Posted by on Mar 26, 2011

Last time we discussed the definition of pronouns and learnt about the first type of the Visible Pronouns. Today we look at the second type of the visible pronouns. Type (2) of the Visible Pronouns (2)   The Attached (Suffix) Pronoun الضمير المتصل   This type has THREE sub-categories according to the job each does in…

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