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Arabic Diacritics: Important But Neglected Posted by on Mar 15, 2017

diacritics and disambiguation

Generally, diacritics are marks that are added to letters and have pronunciation- and/or meaning-related values as well as grammatical values. In Arabic, diacritical marks are: the fatHah  َ , a semi-flat hyphen-like added on top of the letter, the kasrah ِ , similar to fatHah, but put below the letter, the Dhammah ُ, a mark…

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(2) Arabic Diacritics (Al-Tashkeel الـتـشـكـيـــل ) Posted by on Jul 25, 2011

The Harakaat الحركات which literally means “motions” are the short vowel marks but Tashkeel refers to other vowel or consonant diacritics.. * Fathah /  ـَ /                The Fatha فتحة is a small diagonal line placed above a letter and represents a short /a/. The word Fatha itself means “opening” and refers to the opening of the…

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