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Top 100+ Must-Know Arabic Words for Facebook Posted by on Mar 2, 2012

 Ever wondered how to say “Poke” in Arabic? Whether or not you’re certifiably مُدمــــــــن على الفيــــــس بـــــــوك (a “Facebookaholic”), this Top 100+ list can be a nice and fun way for you to quickly gain lots of Arabic vocabulary. Now, if you really want to propel your Arabic skills to the next level, this will set the ground…

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Sesame Street in the Arab World Posted by on Dec 12, 2010

The famous American educations series Sesame Street has an Arabic version (عالم سمسم) which is very popular in the Arab world. I am familiar with the Egyptian version of Sesame Street. It is fun, educational and very popular with Arab children. The setting is adapted to the Arab culture and the setting reflects the Egyptian…

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