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Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal: (1922 – 2007) Posted by on Jun 25, 2014

     Ahlan, Arabic fans! Today, I am going to tell you about a very famous and influencing Arab and Saudi figure. I am going to tell you about a poet, a politician and public figure; Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal.      Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal الأمــيــر عــبــد الله الــفــيــصــلwas born in Riyadh الــريــاض– the capital city of…

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Arabic in the Sky: Top 200+ Astronomical Words of Arabic Origin Posted by on Feb 22, 2012

In fact, most of the astronomical terms referring to stars today come from Arabic, while others are Greek, and some remain of origin unknown. Some of the very old star names originated with people who dwelled in شبه الجزيـــــــــرة العربيــــــــة (the Arabian Peninsula) several thousand years ago. But then, with the spread of Islam, many…

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The Dean of Arabic Literature Posted by on Oct 29, 2011

Taha Hussein  (November 14, 1889 – October 28, 1973)        Like yesterday in 1973, Taha Hussein, who was nicknamed the Dean of Arabic Literature  عميد الأدب العربي , left our world.  He was one of the most influential 20th century Egyptian writers and philosophers. He was a pioneer of enlightenment التنوير  and had great contributions in…

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Arab Culture الثقافة العربية Posted by on May 23, 2011

        In previous posts, we defined what is meant by communication, context and culture. Today, we are going to look at the term “Arab” and we will try to define it. What do we mean by “Arab”?       This term is as hard to define exactly as the term “American”. Arabs were the people living…

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