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Rami: Hero of “The Goal Scorer” Posted by on Mar 19, 2012

Rarely have Arabic-dubbed cartoons receive all the praise they deserve: More than a simple work of translation from their original Japanese version, they were also a perfect educational vehicle to improve العربيـــــــــــــــة الفُصحَـــــــــى (classical Arabic) for at least two generations of kids and young adults, from Abu Dhabi to Casablanca! The Arabic Blog will therefore attempt to…

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Two varieties of Standard Arabic Posted by on Jun 15, 2010

In my previous post, I wrote about the different varieties and levels of colloquial Arabic (العامية). It is worth mentioning at this point that there are two varieties of Standard Arabic (الفصحى) as well. The first variety is called Classical Arabic (فصحي التراث). This is the traditional variety of Arabic that exists in classical books…

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