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Practise connectors in Arabic Posted by on Jan 23, 2017

In this post, we revise the use of some Arabic connectors. We will focus on the use of connectors which are usually used for addition, i.e. to add information with similar meaning to what has been said before. و = and كما = also أيضاً = also كذلك = also بالإضافة إلى = in addition to…

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Connectors in Arabic – Contrast Posted by on Sep 20, 2010

It is very important when we write in any language to create logical relationships between the ideas that we present. There is a number of relationships that we can create like addition, contrast, among others, and there are many words and expressions that we can use to express these relationships. In this post, I present…

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Usage of different Arabic particles Posted by on Sep 3, 2009

I got a query recently about the usage of different particles that are made up of one letter only, e.g. ف، ل، ك، ب. In this post, I give some examples of their different uses. First of all, it should be noted that any particle that is made up of one letter only cannot stand…

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