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Definite Nouns with (AL-) (الاسم المعرف بـ (الـ Posted by on Mar 21, 2011

Definite Nouns with (AL)

As we discussed in a previous post that Definite nouns have SEVEN Types, today we are going to look closely at the second type of them. (2) The definite Noun starting with Al-  الاسم الذى يبدأ بـ الـ In Arabic, an indefinite noun can turn into a definite noun by adding the two letters prefix…

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The Noun الاسم : Definite المعرفة & Indefinite النكرة Posted by on Mar 18, 2011

Arabic nouns are either definite or indefinite.  The Indefinite Noun الاسم النكرة It is the noun which refers to a common and non-specific noun;(person, animal, thing …etc.). It can be given to any member under that category of nouns. So, when you say an indefinite noun, you really don’t mean someone or something definite. Examples…

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