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Mother of the Egyptians Posted by on Jan 13, 2012

Safiya Zagloul (1878 – 1946)      Born to an aristocratic family, Safiya Zaghloul صفية زغلول was the daughter of Mustafa Fahmy  Pasha  مصطفى فهمي باشا , who was one of Egypt’s first Prime Ministers. She was nicknamed after her husband Saad Pasha Zaghloul سعد باشا زغلول . She was also nicknamed the ‘Mother of the Egyptians…

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This Day in History: Rifa’ah At-Tahtawy رفاعة الطهطاوي Posted by on May 27, 2011

Rifa’ah Rafi’ At-Tahtawy (1801 – 1873)         Like today and on 27th May 1873, Rifa’ah At-Tahtawy passed away تُوفِى . Tahtawy was an Egyptian writer, teacher, translator, Egyptologist and renaissance thinker. He was among the first Egyptian scholars to write about Western cultures. In all his writings, he attempted to reach a common ground and…

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