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From Prison to Palace; Morsi President of Egypt Posted by on Jun 24, 2012

      It is such a memorable day! Today (Sunday, 24th June 2012) and at a bit after midday, The Elections High Committee الـلــجــنـــة الــعــُــلــيــــا لـلانــتــخـــابــــات announced the final figures and results of the Egyptian runoff elections. The committee declared Dr Muhammad Morsi مــُــحــَــمــّــد مــُــرســى as President of Egypt. Thus, Morsi is the first civilian مَــدَنـِــيّ…

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Egypt; Yesterday and Tomorrow Posted by on Jan 24, 2012

       Yesterday, Tuesday, 23rd 2012 was a memorable day as the newly-elected People’s Assembly مجلس الشعب (The Parliament البرلمان) held its first session جلسة after a year of the Egyptian 2011 Revolution. The Parliament ran its internal elections for the chairman’s post and it was won by Dr Mohammad Saad Al-Katatny; a member of the…

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