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Have you been to the Beach this Summer? Posted by on Aug 26, 2014

Marhaba! In most places across the globe August is one of the hottest and most humid months of the year! I for one love the summer season but just simply hate the long hot August days. I am not a fan of August especially when I have to work. However, if I am able to…

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The New “Penguin” Dance in Arab Weddings! (2) Posted by on Jan 13, 2014

Marhaba! I hope you enjoyed reading the fun article from the previous post as much as I did. More importantly, I hope the text was easy to comprehend and that you were able to answer all the questions as well as translate the phrase in Arabic to English. In this post, I present you with…

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The New “Penguin” Dance in Arab Weddings! Posted by on Jan 12, 2014

Marhaba! Today, I am sharing a very interesting news article published by BBC Arabic about a famous new dance move in Arab weddings! Similar to the content and purpose of previous listening comprehension exercises, this is a reading comprehension exercise. After presenting an excerpt from the article, I have some questions for you to answer…

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Go Out and Try One of these 8 Fun Things during Spring Posted by on Apr 22, 2013

Marhaba (مرحبا)! In spring (الربيع), across different places in the world, one could see blossoming flowers (أزهار تَتَفتَّح), listen to chirping and singing birds (عصافير تُزَقزِق), and feel the beaming sun (الشّمس تشرق)! The end of the winter season marks the beginning of the spring season that calls for outdoor activities (نشاطات خارجية) that can…

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