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Science and Manners Posted by on Mar 24, 2012

     Our blog today is about a masterpiece poem of the famous Egyptian Poet of the Nile شاعر النيل ; Hafez Ibrahim. The poem is called “Science and Manners العلم و الأخلاق“. Hafez chanted this wonderful poem in an opening ceremony حفل افتتاح of a new girls’ school in the city of Port Said in 1910…

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Egypt Speaks about Herself مصر تتحدث عن نفسها Posted by on Jun 30, 2011

        Written by the great Poet of the Nile Hafez Ibrahim and chanted by the great Star of the East; Om Kolthoum, the poem “Egypt Speaks about Herself  مصر تتحدث عن نفسها” is a masterpiece of the Arabic modern poetry. It is a long poem that Om Kolthoum chose a part of it as a…

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