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Arabic sign language Posted by on May 28, 2011

In this post, I deal with a very important aspect of non-verbal communication, i.e. sign language (لغة الإشارة) in the Arab world. Sign language is used mainly by people with hearing impairment (إعاقة سمعية) that prevents them from communicating acoustically. Therefore, they communicate using hand movements, facial expressions and body movements. Sign language allows its…

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Non verbal communication – actions and reactions Posted by on May 26, 2011

Following on with the topic of non-verbal communication, sometimes we communicate by doing things, e.g. knocking on the door or ringing the bell is a way of communicating that one needs or wants to enter or speak with someone inside. Also, at school, the bell tells students when to start the lesson and finish it…

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Non verbal communication – agreement and disagreement Posted by on May 18, 2011

Non verbal communication (التواصل الغير لفظي) can be used to serve many purposes. In my previous post, I discussed how it can be used in greetings. In this post, I discuss other aspects of non-verbal communication including expressing the social functions of agreement and disagreement. Smiles and laughter are very important ways of communication. They…

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Non verbal communication – greetings Posted by on May 15, 2011

Non verbal communication is a very important aspect of communication. We can send myriad messages without saying a word, through a gesture, a posture, a look, an impression or even through doing nothing at all. Like verbal communication, it evolvesو changes and gains new ways of expression, also it differs from place to place and…

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