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The present tense verb endings1 Posted by on Jun 27, 2014

As explained in my previous post, there are three cases of the present tense verb, the default case, the imperfect (المرفوع), the subjunctive (المنصوب), and the jussive (المجزوم). The case of the verb depends on what precedes it. In this post, I explain the three cases of the present tense verb with suffix endings (ان،…

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Irregular Verbs in Arabic (Part 2): Doubled Verbs in Present Tense Posted by on Jan 12, 2010

In this post, I present doubled verbs (الفعل المضعف) in the present tense. Examples of doubled verbs are (شدّ) ‘pulled’, (ظنّ) ‘thought’, (استعدّ) ‘got prepared’, (استمرّ) ‘continued’, etc. Just like past tense verbs, with some pronouns the doubled letter has to be repeated twice, while with others, it remains one letter with shadda. The table…

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The subjunctive case in Arabic Posted by on Oct 10, 2009

In previous the post, I started to explain the case marking system (الإعراب) of the present/imperfect tense. By default, present tense verbs take short /o/ (الضمة), and this case is called (المضارع المرفوع). However, there is another case which is called the subjunctive (المضارع المنصوب); in which verbs take short /a/ (الفتحة), and if the…

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