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The Sound of Music – لحن الحياة Posted by on Apr 3, 2020 in Arabic Language, Vocabulary

Last Sunday marked the 55th anniversary of the “The Sound of Music”صوت الموسيقى movie, which was released تم إصداره in the UK on the 29th of March in 1965. Interestingly, this work was not only popular in the West, but it was so in the Arab world too, thanks to a Japanese company that adapted it into a cartoon show in 1991 which was later dubbed into Standard Arabic. The title  عنوانof the Arabic version, however, was slightly different. It was called لحن الحياة  or “The melody of life”.

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This blog post is dedicated to the song of the opening scene of the movie (you can view it here) where Maria – the governess المربّية / Miss Safaa الآنسة صفاء  in the Arabic version – is trying to teach the kids the different musical tones الدرجات النغميّة on the musical scale السُلّم الموسيقي . This song was made into the theme song أغنية الشارة /البداية)  for the Arabic version and many of my peers who grew up watching it can still remember its lyrics كلماتها!


So, today we’re going to listen and study this song (check below)>>



While both songs have the same rhythm and feel to them, there is one small difference that you will be able to notice straight away and that is the name of the final note on the musical scale (Ti vs. Si).

In English, it’s: Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti

In Arabic, it’s: دو – ري – مي – فا – صو – لا – سي


The other difference which is not very obvious is the lyrics! However, the Arabic version maintained the main subject of the song and that is addressing the glory of music and singing عظمة الموسيقى والغناء in general.

So, let’s listen to the song and follow through (with the translation too!)>>


كلمات الأغنية

The lyrics:

في.. الحقول
In.. the fields


 هيا نغني
let’s sing


في.. المسارح والساحات
In.. the theatres and squares


في.. الحقول
In.. the fields


 هيا نغني
let’s sing


 ينطلق لحن الحياة
The melody of life sets out


هيا.. للأفق البعيد
Come on.. to the far away horizon


 ننشد اللّحن الجديد
We sing the new melody


فوق أسراب الغيوم
Above the flocks of clouds


 نهدي أقمارًا ونجوم
Giving away moons and stars


صول مي ري.. دو> دروب ومعاني
So Mi Re, Do> Paths and meanings


ري> ربيع الأغنيات
Re> the spring of songs


مي> مـوسيقى وأغاني
Mi> Music and songs


فا> فـجر الذكريات
Fa> The dawn of memories


صوتنا ملء الفضاء
Our sound is filling the space


 لم يزل فينا الوفاء
We still have loyalty in us


سوف تبقى يا غناء
Singing, you will stay


 لنغنّي نغنّي.. لحن الحياة
Let’s sing, let’s song, the melody of life


دو ري مي فا صول لا سي دو صو دو
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do .. So Do



I hope you enjoyed the Arabic version of the song 🙂
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