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Archive for July, 2009

Moving Posted by on Jul 30, 2009

I’m going to do it.  Specifically, I am going to 搬家 (move) to the 珍珠三角洲 (Pearl River Delta) to the 经济特区 (Special Economic Zone) city of 深圳 (Shenzhen)- a city where you can get from the Mainland to Hong Kong by 铁路 (railroad), foot, boat, or helicopter, leaving your passport cluttered with 入境章 (entry stamps). …

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The Bookstore Posted by on Jul 27, 2009

Yesterday I was watching a movie about casinos which prompted me to go to the bookstore and read more.  It was at the bookstore that I met a fellow from 阿富汗 (Afghanistan) who grew up in 伦敦 (London)and whose ancestors were 波斯人 (Persian) and also happened to be descended from the notable 诗人 (poet) Rumi. …

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Photography Posted by on Jul 24, 2009

Today I am going to go with a 校友 (schoolmate) to be photographed for an advertisement.  They are looking for foreign 面孔 (faces) to shoot using a new 泡脚 (foot washing) machine.  The photographer said he was looking for 金发碧眼 (blond hair and blue eyes) , and would  provide 报酬 (compensation) to cover expenses.  This…

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Contract Law Posted by on Jul 22, 2009

Hello Readers! Today’s post is about contracts in China.  If you get a contract, you need to find a 律师 (lawyer) immediately to 审核 (review) every single 条款 (clause) present.  This is for you and your employer, as you can 避免 (avoid) potential 不良后果 (negative consequences) and 误会 (misunderstandings) which could 导致 (cause) you to…

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Mishap of the MP3 Player Posted by on Jul 20, 2009

Today I was charging my MP3 player as I prepared to go to the gym.  This one was an 二手 (second hand) one, not purchased from 国美 (Gome) or 苏宁 (Suning).  So I continued to 充电 (charge) through my computer’s USB 接口 (port) until I’m satisfied that the 电池 (batteries) are charged.  I must add…

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