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Talking About Eggs in Chinese Posted by on Oct 15, 2018

Useful vocabulary for breakfast. 蛋类 (dàn lèi) is a general word for eggs of any kind. It is used when referring to eggs in general, and not from a specific kind. My Chinese friend, for example, who consistently exhorts me to eat healthier food, believes in the benefits of eggs: 你应该多吃些有营养的东西,比如蔬菜,蛋类,水果等等 (nǐ yīnggāi duō chī…

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Famous Beijing Landmarks Posted by on Oct 8, 2018

Famous Landmarks in Beijing

Beijing has a lot of famous landmarks (北京有很多名的地标 – běi jīng yǒu hěn duō míng de dì biāo). The Chinese capital has a wealth of historical and cultural attractions to visit. If you’re traveling to the city, you should definitely learn the Chinese names for famous Beijing landmarks. Read on to learn 30 Chinese names…

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Luckin Coffee: The New Chinese Coffee Posted by on Oct 1, 2018

A new homegrown coffee was launched this year in China. If you visited China this year you probably noticed the blue and white ads. On the streets and online, the beautiful and talented actors Zhang Zhen and Tang Wei hold blue cups. The logo on the cup is a white deer, and the slogan is:…

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8 Years of Videos Posted by on Sep 26, 2018

8 Years of Videos

After 8 years of sharing videos on Chinese language and culture, this will be my final video post on the Transparent Chinese channel. As such, I’ve put together a nice recap on 8 years of videos to share with you. It’s been a wild ride that included living in both Beijing and Kunming, working as…

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China’ Left-Behind Children Posted by on Sep 17, 2018

Since 1978, China has experienced the largest internal migration in human history. Young and old leave their homes in the countryside searching for jobs and opportunities in the crowded cities. Instead of cultivating the family fields, they prefer to make a living in the metropolis. The big cities of China, which has become known as…

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