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Time Phrases in Chinese – Learn Chinese through the Song 『我是不是你最疼爱的人』 Posted by on Apr 15, 2019

『我是不是你最疼爱的人』 is one of my favorite Chinese songs. It is also a good source to practice Chinese vocabulary and grammar. 『我是不是你最疼爱的人』 was originally preformed by the Taiwanese singer 潘越雲 (Pān Yuèyún) in the 80’s: 我是不是你最疼爱的人 从来就没冷过 因为有你在我身后 你总是轻声地说 黑夜有我 你总是默默承受 这样的我不敢怨尤 现在为了什么 不再看我 我是不是你最疼爱的人 你为什么不说话 握住是你冰冷的手 动也不动让我好难过 我是不是你最疼爱的人 你为什么不说话 当我需要你的时候 你却沉默不说 从来就没冷过 因为有你挡住寒冻 你总是在我身后 带着笑容 你总是细心温柔 呵护守候这样的我 现在是为了什么 不再看我 我是不是你最疼爱的人 你为什么不说话 握住是你冰冷的手 动也不动让我好难过 我是不是你最疼爱的人 你为什么不说话 当我需要你的时候 你却沉默不说 你最心疼我把眼哭红 记得你曾说过 不让我委屈泪流 我是不是你最疼爱的人 你为什么不说话 当我需要你的时候 你却沉默不说…

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Sichuan and Hunan Cuisine Posted by on Apr 3, 2019

Sichuan and Hunan Cuisine

After learning all about Cantonese cuisine last month, we’re shifting towards western China to explore the rich flavors of this region. When it comes to the food from western China, the two most notable examples are certainly Sichuan cuisine (四川菜 – sì chuān cài) and Hunan cuisine (湖南菜 – hú nán cài). Let’s head west and delve…

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Chinese Cinderella Story: The Story Behind Lao Gan Ma Chili Sauce Posted by on Apr 1, 2019

老干妈 (lǎo gàn mā) is a famous Chinese chili sauce. It is one of the most favored chili sauces in China, a must-have (必备bì bèi) in every house. In recent years, it has seen growing popularity overseas, too. New York Magazine ranked the spicy sauce in first place. On the Facebook page of The Lao…

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Cantonese Food Posted by on Mar 25, 2019

Cantonese Food

One of the most famous styles of Chinese food is Cantonese cuisine, known in Chinese simply as Guangdong cuisine (广东菜 – guǎng dōng cài). In terms of the Eight Great Culinary Traditions of China (中国的八大菜系 – zhōng guó de bā dà cài xì), it’s known simply as Yue Cuisine (粤菜 – yuè cài). In this…

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The Different Usages of the Character 白 Posted by on Mar 18, 2019

When learning a new language you should begin with the basics: numbers, directions, colors, etc. And this is how I was introduced to the character 白 (bái). A simple five-stroke-character meaning “white”. While pursuing my Chinese studies I occasionally encounter this character. Sometimes it maintains its meaning as white, but sometimes it means something else…

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All About Chairman Mao Posted by on Mar 11, 2019

It’s been over 40 years since Mao Zedong (毛泽东 – máo zé dōng) passed away, but he remains a very important figure in China to this very day. While the China of 2019 would certainly be unrecognizable to Chairman Mao (people driving Audis, drinking Starbucks, and eating KFC), he is still ever-present in the modern…

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Wedding Photos in China Posted by on Mar 4, 2019

Wedding photos in China during Mao’s regime, especially during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), were simple. So was the wedding ceremony itself. The couple wore their everyday clothes, the gifts included copies of Mao’s Little Red Book, and the celebration consisted of a simple meal and revolutionary songs. But, things have changed. Weddings are devoid of…

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