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Archive for April, 2011

HángZhōu (杭州) Posted by on Apr 30, 2011

If you’re looking for a break from the over-populated cities in China, Hangzhou, 杭州 (háng zhōu) is the ideal getaway vacation. Located in southern China, this capital of Zhejiang Province, 浙江 (zhèjiāng), is a water-wonderland, built along the West Lake, or 西湖 (xīhú). Hangzhou is filled with classical southern Chinese architecture including pagodas, temples, and…

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Pingyao Ancient City – Part One Posted by on Apr 29, 2011

Located in central Shanxi province, Pingyao is an ancient Chinese city that was once at the forefront of the Chinese economy during both the Ming and Qing dynasties. Thanks to its status as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this ancient city has retained much of its traditional look and feel. Surrounded by the old city…

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China’s Summer of Music Posted by on Apr 27, 2011

As I mentioned in my last post, the music festival season is upon us here in the Middle Kingdom. This weekend, which will be a long one thanks to the May Day holiday, will see not one, not two, but THREE separate music festivals going on in Beijing alone. In addition to the trifecta of…

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Photo Gallery: Sū zhōu “Venice of the Far East” (苏州画廊) Posted by on Apr 26, 2011

Video Slideshow: Thumbnail gallery:   All photographs are courtesy of Stephen M. Fiedler, twitter: @seeitbelieveit Please contact for any use of these images.

Music Festival Season Kicks off in China Posted by on Apr 20, 2011

Ever wondered what it’s like to go to a camping music festival in the grasslands of China? Well, wonder no more! These days, weekend long music festivals are becoming more and more common in China. In Beijing alone, over the May Day (五一) holiday, there are three festivals. Each summer, more and more festivals pop…

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Smoke ’em Because We know You Got ’em: Cigarettes (抽烟) Posted by on Apr 18, 2011

Smoking cigarettes or 抽烟 (chōu yān) may be China’s favorite past-time. No matter where you go, be it inside restaurants, hospitals, at weddings or inside a cab, everyone is ripping cigarettes. More than half the male population of China smokes, and seeing how the cheapest cigarettes in China cost a mere 5 kuai 块,it’s not…

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Camping on the Great Wall Posted by on Apr 16, 2011

With the arrival of spring, Beijingers can finally come out of hibernation and enjoy the great outdoors. The long, cold, dry winter is finally gone, and there are just a few short weeks of moderate weather before the intense heat of summer hits. This short window of opportunity between freezing and sweating needs to be…

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