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Archive for June, 2017

How Bento Became a Taiwanese Staple Posted by on Jun 12, 2017

In my post last month I discussed a traditional Chinese item that originally came from the Japanese culture – the Lucky Cat. The Lucky Cat was so well assimilated into the Chinese life, that it doesn’t feel imported at all. So is the item we are about to explore today – the Bento, or in…

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5 More Awesome Chinese Idioms Posted by on Jun 8, 2017

There are thousands of idioms (成语 – chéng yǔ) in Chinese, which provide an insight into the history and culture of the country. We covered five awesome Chinese idioms a few months ago, but there are still so many more! We’ll never get to them all, but at least for now here are five more…

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Using Chinese In the Kitchen Posted by on Jun 5, 2017

For as much as Chinese people love to cook and eat, you may be surprised to learn that kitchens in China are typically quite small and simple. Many Westerners are bummed when they move to China and find that most kitchens do not have an oven, garbage disposal, or dishwasher. That being said, people in…

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3 Meals in China Posted by on Jun 1, 2017

One question people always have about China is “What is Chinese food really like?” Many are well aware that the kind of Chinese food that is available in their country isn’t quite like the real thing. There’s also that old saying that “Chinese people eat everything with four legs except the table.” So, what do…

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