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The Lantern Festival (元宵节) Posted by on Mar 5, 2015

Today is the 15th and final day of the Spring Festival, called 元宵节 (yuán xiāo jié) in Chinese and the Lantern Festival in English. Check out some highlights from the Grand View Park in Kunming where elaborate lanterns are set up to celebrate this special day: 元宵节 – yuán xiāo jié Lantern Festival 春节 – chūn…

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Xian (西安) – City Wall (城墙) Posted by on May 29, 2012

Xi’an is one of the oldest cities in China, dating back over 3,000 years. One of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, and also the east terminus of the Silk Road, this city is rich in Chinese history and culture. In this short video, stroll along the ancient City Wall, and go around the…

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Lantern Festival (元宵节) Posted by on Feb 17, 2011

Having just returned to Beijing last night after a month in Thailand and Laos, I made it back just in time for the final day of Spring Festival revelry – the Lantern Festival (元宵节 – yuán xiāo jié). As I type this post, a constant stream of fireworks and firecrackers are being set off right…

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