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Kunming Bird and Flower Market Posted by on Jul 2, 2015

Throughout China, you’ll find plenty of quirky and unique markets. One fine example is the Bird & Flower Market (花鸟市场 – huā niǎo shì chǎng) located in Kunming. Just off the major pedestrian shopping street of Zhengyi Road, you can find this maze of stalls specializing in – you guessed it – birds and flowers…

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Halloween in China – Plants vs. Zombies Posted by on Nov 3, 2014

Halloween is becoming more and more popular in China with each passing year. You may be surprised to see just how cool a Chinese Halloween party can be. The Bird and Flower Market of Kunming turns into a haunted maze occupied by zombies in this spooky video. 万圣节派对 – wàn shèng jié pài duì Halloween…

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