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Kunming Bird and Flower Market Posted by on Jul 2, 2015

Throughout China, you’ll find plenty of quirky and unique markets. One fine example is the Bird & Flower Market (花鸟市场 – huā niǎo shì chǎng) located in Kunming. Just off the major pedestrian shopping street of Zhengyi Road, you can find this maze of stalls specializing in – you guessed it – birds and flowers…

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10 Things to Do in Kunming Posted by on Jun 18, 2015

Check out 10 great things to do in Kunming – China’s Spring City. Take in the local culture at the Green Lake, go for a hike in the Western Hills, sample delicious Yunnan cuisine, and party like a rock star at night. 翠湖公园 – cuì hú gōng yuán Green Lake Park 圆通寺 – yuán tōng…

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