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A Hilarious Chinglish Video Posted by on May 24, 2014

Have you ever stumbled upon signs posted in China that are full of wonderful, hilarious Chinglish? I know I have. In fact, after over four years of calling the Middle Kingdom home, I’ve amassed quite the collection of epic Chinglish pictures. Don’t watch this video in the office, because you won’t be able to control…

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20 More Hilarious Chinglish Signs Posted by on Dec 9, 2013

We’ve had tons of fun with Chinglish over the years here, and we hope you have as well. Studying a language can be difficult and frustrating at times, so once in a while it’s just good to sit back and have a good laugh. For all the times that Chinese people have misunderstood me or…

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20 Hilarious Chinglish Signs Posted by on Apr 14, 2013

What happens when you mix Chinese and English? Well, you end up with Chinglish (中式英语 – zhōng shì yīng yǔ). Sometimes, Chinglish is just formed by using Chinese grammatical structures in English. Trying to translate Chinese directly into English will give you sentences such as “I very like play basketball” (我很喜欢打篮球 – wǒ hěn xǐ huan dǎ…

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