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Talking About Family in Chinese Posted by on Sep 25, 2017

Talking About Family in Chinese

The Chinese family tree can be quite complicated, as we learned in our last post. Go back and check that one out if you need to brush up on your Chinese family vocabulary. Now that you’ve got all the Chinese words you’ll need for familial relationships, it’s time to go a step further. In this…

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My Family Posted by on Jun 7, 2012

When chatting with people in any language, the subject of family is bound to come up. In order to help you understand how to talk about your family in Chinese, here’s a short post about mine, all in Chinese characters: 我家有九口人。爸爸,妈妈,四个弟弟,两个妹妹,和我。 在我家里,我是老大. 我今年二十六岁。 第一个妹妹 - 我比我妹妹大两岁。她住在我的老家。她跟她的好朋友一起住。她是大学生。她也有兼职工作。她在一个餐吧工作. 我第一个弟弟比我小四岁。以前他在美国海军陆战队工作。现在他也是大学生。他非常喜欢说唱音乐。 第二个弟弟 - 他今年二十一岁。他刚大学毕业,他的专业跟我一样。过了夏天以后,他打算搬到北京找工作。 第三个弟弟 - 他刚高中毕业,明年他也要去我另外一个弟弟上的那所大学上学。他的爱好是唱歌,他唱歌唱的特别好。 第二个妹妹 -…

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