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New Year’s Resolution – Learn Chinese Posted by on Jan 15, 2018

New Year's Resolution - Learn Chinese

The start of the year is a popular time to work on some New Year’s Resolutions (新年计划 – xīn nián jì huà). As Ayana discussed in her recent post, some popular resolutions are to lose weight or quit smoking. If you’re reading this blog, then chances are one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to…

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New Year’s Resolution – Learn Chinese Posted by on Jan 9, 2017

A new year is upon is, which for many people means making resolutions. Whether it’s to lose weight, quit smoking, or save money, these resolutions are all easy to make but tough to keep. One very popular New Year’s resolution is to learn a new language. Some want to do it for personal reasons, some to…

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Great Ways to Learn Chinese – FluentU Posted by on Sep 26, 2014

For the past few months, I’ve been introducing some great ways to learn Chinese online. There are tons of resources out there that can make your Chinese studies easier and more interesting. First of all, make sure you’re learning a new Chinese word every day with us. Then, check out any of the past posts…

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Great Ways to Learn Chinese – nciku Posted by on Aug 10, 2014

Last month, we kicked off a new series here about “Great Ways to Learn Chinese,” focusing mostly on what’s available online. In the first post, we introduced the BBC’s excellent program “Real Chinese” – a video series that teaches plenty of useful Mandarin Chinese while at the same time providing insight into Chinese culture. Today…

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Great Ways to Learn Chinese – BBC Real Chinese Posted by on Jul 7, 2014

There are so many ways to go about learning a language these that it can be overwhelming for people just getting started. Enroll in a traditional class, get a tutor, find a language partner, self study, get online, buy software – the list goes on and on. Of course, the best way you can learn…

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How to Study Chinese Online For Free Posted by on Apr 26, 2013

Studying a language can be expensive, especially when you don’t have the chance to immerse yourself in it. Not everyone can just up and move to China where they will see and hear Chinese on a daily basis. Luckily, the Internet has made it possible and easy to learn a language from anywhere in the…

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