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Go Take a (Beijing) Hike Posted by on Feb 4, 2015

While Chinese mega-cities are known for their air pollution, ridiculous traffic jams, and crowded streets, there’s a whole other world awaiting you outside in the far reaches of huge municipalities such as Beijing. Nature lovers will be happy to hear that it’s not all concrete jungle and smoggy skies in the Chinese capital; there are…

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Beijing Day Trips – Volume 1 – Shang Fang Shan (上方山) Posted by on Aug 3, 2011

When you live in the concrete jungle (AKA Beijing), it’s absolutely necessary to get out once in a while for a good day trip (一日游 – yī rì yóu). Luckily, for us Beijingers (北京人 – běi jīng rén), the options for easy, fun trips out of the city are abundant. As an avid hiker/adventurer, I…

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