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Top 10 of 2012 Posted by on Dec 31, 2012

Tempus fugit (time flies in Latin) – one of the only things I remember from my language classes in high school. That ancient phrase still holds true today. This year has flown by; 2012 is just about finished. Despite all the hype around the Mayan calendar, we’re still here. Having spent a few weeks in…

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Jiuzhaigou (九寨沟) – Tibetan Villages and Culture Posted by on Dec 18, 2012

Located in northern Sichuan province, Jiuzhaigou (literally “Valley of Nine Villages”) is a stunning national park. In addition to the beautiful scenery, there are also nine Tibetan villages both in and just outside of the park. Explore a Tibetan guesthouse and some of the villages in this short video. 九寨沟 – jiǔ zhài gōu Jiuzhaigou…

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My Last Vacation (Part Two) Posted by on Sep 20, 2012

In the first part of my last vacation story, we hung out in Chengdu – dancing with the locals, eating spicy hot pot, and of course, admiring the incredibly cute pandas. From there, we spent a few days enjoying the scenery of Ping Le Ancient Town, where we walked along the river, hiked up a…

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Chengde (承德) – Summer Mountain Resort (避暑山庄) Posted by on Jul 21, 2012

The highlight of Chengde is without a doubt the Summer Mountain Resort. This massive complex features four main areas: the palace, the lake, the plains, and the mountains. Built during the Qing Dynasty, it served as a summer retreat for the Emperor and his family, who would escape the brutal heat of Beijing to hunt…

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