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New in Lesson Authoring: Co-authoring Posted by on Mar 3, 2020 in For Instructors, New in Lesson Authoring

It takes two to tango, and it can take two (or more) to make a great lesson. That’s why you can now add co-authors to your lessons!

The lesson authoring tool in the CL-150 Platform enables instructors and curriculum developers to create online language lessons supported by more than two dozen learning activities that build vocabulary, grammar, and skills in all four modalities—and all that takes just a couple hours to assemble!

Sometimes it helps to share the effort. Lesson authors, you can now add one or more co-authors when creating new lessons. Co-authors are fellow CL-150 users who can collaborate on a lesson together, effectively passing the lesson around until it is ready to be published and assigned.

CL-150 LessonGin co-authoring

Co-authoring was designed with seamless collaboration in mind. While only one person can edit a lesson at a time, co-authors can assign editing rights back and forth as many times as needed, and all changes will be saved. You can also leave comments throughout the lesson, asking questions or discussing changes right inside the relevant activity.

Our Content team has been using co-authoring internally for several months while creating and reviewing learning materials including the weekly Cohort lesson streams. Orsi Gall, our Director of Content, has been thrilled with the response:

“All of our linguists have enthusiastically adopted co-authoring. Having a centralized location to communicate and collaborate has made it much faster and easier to create and review lessons. Sometimes one linguist will edit the text, while another records the audio, and a third does the final review—and all the feedback is one place, so everyone is in the know. Some teams are cutting the review time down by almost half.”

Ready to start collaborating on your lessons? See co-authoring in action in this tutorial video.

Even more improvements to CL-150 lesson authoring are expected in the coming months, and its your feedback that inspires the best updates! Let us know what would make lesson authoring even better for you: