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Using CL-150 lessons synchronously in the virtual classroom Posted by on Aug 10, 2020 in For Instructors

CL-150 lessons aren’t just for independent learning or pre-class prep work. Language instructors, as you shift to virtual instruction, consider using lessons collaboratively during class time as well.

Want to get your students talking? Help them produce the language in different contexts? Think critically about target language texts or videos? Practice grammar? Discuss culture? No matter what your classroom goals are, there’s a CL-150 learning activity to support the task at hand.

Check out this video playlist created by our instructors to find the right CL-150 learning activities for your classroom goals. Each 3-5 minute video features one learning activity available in most CL-150 lessons (including CL-150 Cohort lessons)—our instructors suggest unique ways to leverage that activity in class to better engage students in the language and culture.

Slide Show

Your students can do so much with this activity, from making predictions and summarizing the information to identifying new vocabulary… the possibilities are endless.

Topic Prediction

Beyond predicting the topic, use this warm-up activity to help students read the words aloud, identify new words, and explore their meanings. Watch the video to see how to differentiate this activity by skill level.

Hide & Highlight

Integrate this activity into your classes for in-depth grammar instruction. Students can identify the parts of speech, case, gender, etc. Challenge them to change the number, the tense, and other characteristics of the text. A great interactive activity for all levels!

Words in Context

Do you need a more challenging activity for your advanced students? Learn when to use the Words in Context activity, and how to expand on it by asking students to come up with translations and create their own sentences based on the different meanings.

Reading Comprehension

How do you get students to participate in class discussions? Ask them to brainstorm answers to the comprehension questions and discuss their opinions. Go beyond comprehension by having students summarize the text in their own words or transform it by using more challenging tenses.

Listening Comprehension

Practice listening and speaking skills at all levels! Inspire creativity by having students come up with their own questions, change the sequence of events, or the story’s ending.


Practice word order, dissect phrases and sentences, identify parts of speech, think of related words, and so much more with this activity.

Just getting started with the CL-150 Platform? Attend a new user orientation or visit the CL-150 Training Kit to explore on-demand help materials.