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Manage your virtual language classes with the CL-150 Platform Posted by on Aug 13, 2020 in For Instructors

Language instructors need more than just a virtual meeting space like Teams or Zoom to deliver virtual acquisition courses, refresher courses, and other language training events effectively and efficiently.

You need ways to organize your classes, create and schedule assignments, send messages, and track students’ progress from afar. You can slap together a bunch of separate tools (email, LMS, Google docs, Quizlet lists, spreadsheets, etc.) but “more tools, more problems”, right?

Support all of your virtual instruction needs in the same place with the CL-150 Platform.

Create classes

Import your class roster or provide a class link so students can enroll themselves with one click. Your students are now organized in one place for easier assigning, tracking, and messaging!

Make assignments

Assign any lesson in the CL-150 Platform, including your custom lessons created with the Lesson Authoring tool. Your students will automatically receive an e-mail notification about new assignments, which can also be accessed easily from the top of their Learning Path.

cl-150 class assignments

Track student progress

Don’t just assign lessons into the void! The Class Activity Report will show you each student’s progress, including assignment status, time spent, and assessment scores. You can even set up this report to run automatically each day or week and receive it as an email, so you don’t have to go hunting for information.

cl-150 class activity report

Send messages

Need to reschedule a class? Want to send along an additional resource for extra practice? Send your entire class a quick message right in the platform.

cl-150 class messages

Want to see CL-150 instructor tools in action? Attend a new user orientation or visit the CL-150 Training Kit to explore on-demand help materials.