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Author & Assign Custom Lessons Faster Posted by on Sep 15, 2021 in For Instructors, New in Lesson Authoring

You’ve got a lot to cover to ensure your students are ready to use the language on the job: vocabulary, grammar, listening and reading comprehension, and beyond.

The CL-150 Lesson Authoring tool makes it possible to create and assign lessons focused on any topic or skill at any level—and it’s now faster than ever.

Find learning activities faster.

There are 35 learning activities (and growing!) to choose from.

The new Activity Selection screen makes that choice much easier.

Each lesson type now comes with a default set of activities to get you started. You can add or remove activities as you see fit.

The activity browser makes it fast to find activities. If you know what you want, type it in the search bar for easy access.

Don’t know what you want? Filter activity choices by modality, assessment status, and other parameters. Each activity option includes a description and a sample so you understand your options.

Assign lessons immediately.

Once you’ve finished your lesson, you can now assign lessons directly from the Lesson Authoring tool.

No need to jump over to the Class Management portal and search for your lesson. Assign and set a due date in just a few clicks.

New to lesson authoring or need a refresher on new features like these? Get to know the ins and outs of the tool with the Lesson Authoring Playlist in the CL-150 Training Kit.