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Get more from CL-150 lessons with a tutor. Posted by on Mar 3, 2022 in For Learners, For Program Managers

CL-150 lessons are designed to use on your own and with an instructor.

Our tutors are trained to turn each learning activity into an opportunity to expand your knowledge and practice communicating in the language.

Here are a few of their favorite activities to build upon.

📝 Text Presentation

On your own, you can read the text and listen to the accompanying audio as many times as needed to comprehend the text.

CL-150 German lesson text

Our German tutor Christina asks her students to build upon this activity by…

  • summarizing the text in their own words
  • differentiating the key ideas vs. the minor supporting details
  • changing the tense of the text to practice grammar

🔎 Preview It

On your own, you can get familiar with key words and phrases from the lesson text by reading and listening to selected vocabulary.

CL-150 Arabic vocabulary activity

Our Arabic tutor Micheline helps students get more from this activity by…

  • using each word in a sentence
  • changing the form of words (conjugating, adjective agreements, etc.)
  • discussing synonyms, antonyms, and expressions that contain the word

🧠 Reading/Listening Comprehension

On your own, you can read or listen to the text and answer the multiple-choice questions to check your comprehension of key concepts.

CL-150 Spanish listening activity

Our Spanish tutor Maria asks her tutoring students to expand on this by…

  • answering the open-ended questions out loud
  • coming up with their own comprehension questions to elicit specific information from the text
  • debating the subject covered from different perspectives

CL-150 Connect tutors can help you dig deeper, interact with your lessons in new ways, and use what you’re learning in conversation.

Ready to get more from your CL-150 lessons? Log in and look for the “One-on-One Tutoring” tile to schedule your next session with one of our tutors.

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