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Lesson Authoring Updates: New Assessments, Assessment-Only Lessons, and More Posted by on Mar 16, 2022 in For Instructors, New in Lesson Authoring

There’s no such thing as too much customization.

That was our guiding principle during the latest batch of Lesson Authoring updates! You now have more control than ever over your custom lessons, including:

New assessment activities

Lesson authors can now choose from seven new graded assessment activities. These activities can be included in end-of-lesson assessments. Students will receive a percentage score and can review the correct answers, and their score is captured automatically in Program Manager and Class Activity Reports.

New assessment options include:

  • Grammar assessments: Table, Transform & Say It, and Transform & Write It
  • Vocab assessments: Matching and Multiple Choice
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Listening Comprehension

Assessment-only lessons

With so many new assessment activities to choose from, lesson authors can now publish custom lessons containing only assessment activities. This is particularly helpful for testing learners on certain material or skills without having to create an entire lesson. Scores are shown to learners immediately and to instructors and program managers via reports, as shown below.

cl-150 assessment score

Multiple instances of one activity

Lesson authors can now add multiple instances of one activity within a lesson. For example, a lesson could include two separate Table activities that cover conjugations of a regular vs. irregular verb.

Editorial Versions of Activities

You now have even more editing power over four of our most popular activities:

  • Edit the text in Paragraph Fill in the Blank and Text Translation: Lesson authors can now edit the text that displays in Paragraph Fill in the Blank and Text Translation activities. This is particularly helpful when working with longer texts; learners can now focus on only a specific portion of the lesson text.

  • Create custom answers in Matching and Multiple Choice: Previously, these activities ran automatically using the chosen lesson vocabulary. You can now fully customize what you’d like learners to match or select, whether that’s vocabulary, grammar patterns, or even culture notes.

New to the Lesson Authoring tool? Watch the help videos in the CL-150 Training Kit for everything you need to know to start creating and assigning custom lessons.