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Cows in Paradise Posted by on Apr 23, 2013 in Traditions

Muh! It’s finally forår (Spring), and all the Danish køer (cows) are dying to get out on markerne (the fields). Nattefrosten (the night frost) has left the jord (earth, soil), and our four-legged friends are endelig (finally) allowed to leave the stald (stable). It’s time for køernes forårsdans (the spring-dance of the cows).

I forgårs (the day before yesterday), my sister, I and at least 1000 other persons travelled to Raunhøj, one of several Danish farms that had decided to slippe køerne fri (let the cows loose) at the same time. I gamle dage (in olden days), this was, of course, a private, joyful event that took place independently at each bondegård (farm). Takket være (thanks to) the internet, it has recently become a public happening. This year’s magical moment was set to søndag 21. april klokken 12. Passionate cow-watchers could easily access a hjemmeside (homepage) and find the nearest farm.

Of course, the Danish mejerier (dairies) helped promote the event – which they’ve branded as Økodag. If you’ve ever been to a Danish foodstore, you know that Danes are crazy about økologisk mad (organic/biodynamic food – that is, food that has been grown without the farmers using poisonous fertilizers). So, ”Økodag” is a snappy way to say ”organic day” or ”biodynamic day”. And a ko (cow) that gives us her økologisk mælk and økologisk ost (organic cheese) is … an øko-ko. 🙂

økodag – the cows’ spring party (official logo from økodag.dk)

At the farm there were so many mennesker (humans) that it seemed like a rockkoncert. Politiet (the police) were even there! So many børn og voksne (children and adults) were looking at their watches and talking about the cows, that I’m sure they must have become quite nervous in their stable! But at last they ran out into foråret, jumping and dancing madly after their long imprisonment.


This is how it looked: 


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