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4 Easy Ways to Become Posted by on Nov 29, 2013

You’ve already learnt how to say that you are something. Unlike English verbs (I am, you are, she is), the Danish ”action words” don’t care who’s doing the action (or who’s being!) So, it could hardly be any easier: jeg (I) er/var/har været/havde været – or whoever or whatever is/was/has been/had been. However, just being…

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Cinema Season Posted by on Nov 24, 2013

At være født i november/har lagt en dæmper/på mit liv. (Being born in November/has put a damper/on my life.) The words come from a well-known song by Danish songwriter and poet Benny Andersen. True, November isn’t exactly the funniest month to be in Denmark! Det er vådt og koldt. (It’s wet and cold.) And, as…

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