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Cinema Season Posted by on Nov 24, 2013 in Culture

Masser af plads i biffen...

From the depths of a Danish cinema.

At være født i november/har lagt en dæmper/på mit liv. (Being born in November/has put a damper/on my life.) The words come from a well-known song by Danish songwriter and poet Benny Andersen. True, November isn’t exactly the funniest month to be in Denmark! Det er vådt og koldt. (It’s wet and cold.) And, as Denmark is so flat, there’s often a lot of blæst (wind) coming in from the sea. Heldigvis [HELdeevees] (fortunately), there’s always a way to escape:

Lad os ta’ i biografen! (Let’s go to the cinema!)

Vil du med i biografen? [bee-oh-GRAAFn]/Vil du med i biffen? [beefn] Wanna go to the cinema [with me]?

Hvad skal vi se? [va ska vee SEH] What are we going to watch?

Jeg vil helst se noget sjovt/romantisk/uhyggeligt [showt/romANteesk/ooHUGGelee]. I’d rather watch something fun/romantic/scary.

Har du set den nye med Mads Mikkelsen? Have you seen the new one with Mads Mikkelsen?

Nej, hvad hedder den? No, what’s it called?

Hvad er din yndlingsfilm? [UNleengsfilm] What’s your favourite movie?

Hvem er din yndligsskuespiller? [UNleengsskoo-eh-spellor] Who’s your favourite actor/actress?

Jeg er mest til danske film/amerikanske film/komedier/tøsefilm/drengerøvsfilm. I like Danish movies/American movies/comedies/girls’ films/guys’ films better. (Drengerøv literally means ”boy’s @rse”, it’s a word used to describe men who ”refuse to grow up” – as women see it! A film with a fair amount of car racing, explosions and seminude females could be considered belonging to this category!)

Hvor længe varer filmen? How long does the movie last?

Hvornår begynder den? When does it start?

Hvor meget koster billetten? How much does the ticket cost?

Hvor skal vi mødes? Where are we going to meet?

Lad os mødes uden for biografen. Let’s meet outside the cinema.

Jeg er ved at lære dansk, så jeg vil gerne se en dansk film. I’m learning Danish, so I’d like to watch a Danish movie.

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