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Christmas Countdown! Posted by on Nov 30, 2014

I dag er det første søndag i advent. (Today’s the first Sunday of Advent.) That means that there are still three Sundays left – og så er det jul (and then it’s Christmas)! Mange danske familier (many Danish families) celebrate this by lighting the first out of four stearinlys (stearin candles) on a special adventskrans (Advent…

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So You Think You Can Lie? Posted by on Nov 29, 2014

Det er koldt i november. (It’s cold in November.) Fortunately, the julefrokost (”Christmas lunch”) season has started in Denmark. That means plenty of opportunities to møde mennesker (meet people), drikke øl (drink beer) and … spille terninger (play dice)! Here’s a terningespil (die game) that’s popular in Danish værtshuse [VARE-ts-hooseh] (pubs). A friend of mine…

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