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Going short Posted by on Mar 31, 2015 in Vocabulary

Photo by Ralph Daily at Flickr, CC License.

Photo by Ralph Daily at Flickr, CC License.

OMG! OK, it’s forkortelse (abbreviation) time. LOL. 🙂 BTW, YOLO, so let’s get down to it:

osv. = og så videre = ”and so further” = etc.: De købte is, chokolade osv. (They bought ice-cream, chokolate etc.)

m.m.  = med mere = ”with more”: Der var øl m.m. (There was beer and other stuff.)

m.fl. = med flere = ”with several”: Gæster: Susanne, Lasse m.fl. (Guests: Susanne, Lasse and several others.)

ca. = cirka = approximately: Der kom ca. tyve gæster. (There came approximately twenty guests.)

bl.a. = blandt andet = amongst other [things]: De spillede bl.a. ludo. (Amongst other things, they played ludo.)

kl. = klokken = o’ clock: De tog først hjem kl. 4. (They first went back home at four AM.)

gl. = gammel = old: Søger medarbejder, m/k, 18 år gl. (Seeking employee, m[an or]w[oman], 18 years of age.)

kr. = kroner = Kroner: Lønnen er på 80 kr. (They wage is at 80 Kroner.)

tlf. = telefon = phone: Skriv din tlf. og adr. her: (Write your telephone number and [postal] address here: – adr. is short for adresse.)

hhv. = henholdsvis = respectively: Der er to pauser på hhv. 15 og 35 min. (There are two breaks at 15 and 35 minutes, respectively. – min. is short for minutter.)

m.a.o. = med andre ord = in other words: Det er m.a.o. et stort problem. (In other words, that’s a huge problem.)

p.t. = for tiden (actually short for Latin pro tempore) = presently, at the time being: Der er p.t. ingen enhjørninger i Danmark. (There are presently no unicorns in Denmark.)

fx / f.eks. = for eksempel = for example: De kunne fx bo ude i skoven. (They could live out in the forest, for example.)

dvs. = det vil sige = ”that will say” = that is/that means: Der er plads nok i Danmark, dvs. ude på landet. (There’s plenty of space in Denmark, that is, in the countryside.)

P.S. There are plenty of other forkortelser, fx those dealing with units: 3 stk. til prisen af 1. Brug en halv tsk. peber pr. kg. = 3 stykker til prisen af 1. Brug en halv teskefuld peber per kilo. (3 pieces for the price of 1. Use half a teaspoonful of pepper for each kilo.)

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