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Summer Cleaning Posted by on Jun 30, 2015 in Vocabulary

(Photo by Lory Lindner at Flickr, CC License.)

(Photo by Lory Lindner at Flickr, CC License.)

Så skal der gøres rent! (Then it’s time to clean up!) If you’re anything like me, you’d rather do overspringshandlinger (”procrastination actions”)… The støv (dust) and the snavs [snaoos] (dirt), unfortunately, don’t automatically disappear… Here are some words and phrases to help you keep everything clean in Danish:


Vasketøj (laundry)

Har I en vaskemaskine/et sted vi kan vaske tøj? (Have you got a washing machine/somewhere we can clean our clothes?)

Der er et møntvaskeri i kælderen. (There is a laundromat/launderette in the cellar.)

vaskepulver, skyllemiddel, tørresnor, tørretumbler (washing powder, rinse aid, clothes-line, tumbler drier)

I kan bare hænge tøjet udenfor. (You can just hang the clothes outside.)


Dig (you)

Jeg trænger til et brusebad. (I need a shower.)

Hvordan regulerer man temperaturen? (How do you regulate the temperature?)

Må jeg låne noget shampoo [shahm-poh] af dig? (Can I borrow some shampoo from you?)

varmt vand, koldt vand, sæbe, håndklæde, tandbørste, tandpasta (hot water, cold water, soap, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste)

Har du børstet tænder? (Have you brushed your teeth?)


Huset (the house)

Hvor er støvsugeren? (Where’s the vacuum cleaner?)

Okay, jeg tager wc’et, så vasker du køkkenet. (Okay, I’ll take the loo, then you clean the kitchen.)

Skal vi også vaske vinduerne? (Are we going to clean the windows as well?)

kost, fejebakke, klud, rengøringsmiddel, børste, opvaskemaskine (broom, dustpan, cloth, cleanser, brush, dishwasher)


Bilen/cyklen (the car/the bike)

Vi tager bilen med til bilvask/mekaniker. (Let’s take the car to a carwash/mechanic.)

Der skal luft i dækkene. (The tyres need air.)

Kæden skal have olie. (The chain needs oil.)

spand, svamp, haveslange (bucket, sponge, garden hose)


På festival (at [a typical, Danish summer] festival)

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