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Picking the Right Twin Posted by on Oct 31, 2019

Much to the frustration of new language learners, words can rarely be translated directly between two languages. Shades of meaning vary, and when you look in an ordbog [orbow] (dictionary), you just might get lost in lists of alternatives… Sometimes, a Danish word has several English translations. Other times, it’s the other way around. YES…

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3 Ways To Think in Danish Posted by on Jun 29, 2019

As a Danish-learner recently pointed out to me, ”to think” is tricky in Danish – especially if English is your first language. Look in a dictionary, and you’ll find at least three different translations: at tænke, at tro, at synes. The thing is, even in English ”to think” is a wide concept with many shades…

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How Hard Is Danish? Posted by on Sep 30, 2015

How hard is Danish actually? I’d say it depends a lot on your native language (in addition to your tongue-twisting skills, of course!) If you’re an English-speaker – good on you. Both languages come from the same Germanic roots, and there are loads of similarities, grammar-wise and vocabulary-wise: De har en kniv. (They have a…

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